AQAR for the session 2021-2022

Internal Quality Assurance Cell Committee with latest notificationView
Best Practice 2021-22View
IQAC Meeting Minutes 2021-2022View
3.2 Senctiond Teacher ListView

Criteria 1

1.1.3Teachers of the Institution participate in following activities related to curriculum development and assessment of the affiliating UniversityView
1.2.1Number of Programmes in which Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) elective course system has been implementedView
1.2.2Number of Add onView
1.2.3Number of students enrolled in Certificate Add on programs as against the total number of students during the-yearView
1.3.2Number of courses that include experiential learning through project work.View
1.3.3Number of students undertaking project work field work internships for the year 2021-22View

Criteria 2

2.1.2Number of seats filled against seats reserved for various categoriesView
2.6.1Programme Specific Outcomes and Course Outcomes for the year 2019-20View
2.6.3Pass percentage of Students during the yearView

Criteria 3

3.1.1Grants received from Government and non-governmental agencies for research projects endowments in the institution during the yearView
3.1.2Number of departments having Research projects funded by government and non government agencies during the yearView
3.1.3Number of Seminars conferences workshops conducted by the institution during the yearView
3.2.1Number of papers published per teacher in the Journals notified on UGC website during the yearView
3.2.2Number of books and chapters in edited volumes View

Criteria 4

4.1.3Number of classrooms and seminar halls with ICT- enabled facilities such as smart class, LMS etcView
4.1.4Expenditure excluding salary for infrastructure augmentation during the year INR inLakhsView excluding salary for infrastructure augmentation during the yearView
4.2.3Expenditure for purchase of books e-books View

Criteria 5

5.1.1Number of students benefited by scholarships and free ships provided by the Government during the yearView
5.1.2Number of students benefitted by scholarships, free ships etc. provided by the institution View
5.2.1Number of placement of outgoing students during the yearView
5.2.2Number of students progressing to higher education during the year View
5.2.3Number of students qualifying in state, national, international level examinations during the yearView
5.3.1Number of awards medals for outstanding performance in sports cultural activities at university state national international level during the yearView
5.3.3Number of sports and cultural events competitions in which students of the Institution participated during the yearView

Criteria 6

6.2.3Implementation of e-governance in areas of operationView
6.3.3Number of professional development administrative training programs organized by the institution for teaching and non-teaching staff during the yearView
6.3.4Number of teachers undergoing online face-to-face Faculty development Programmes (FDP) during the yearView
6.5.3 Quality assurance initiatives of the institution includeView

Criteria 7

7.1.2The Institution has facilities for alternate sources of energy and energy conservation measures Photo DocumentView
7.1.4Water conservation facilities available in the InstitutionView
7.1.5Green campus initiativesView
7.1.7The Institution has disabled-friendly, barrier free environmentView
7.1.10Human Values and Professional EthicsView
7.2Best Practice I & IIView
7.3Distinctiveness of Bijni CollegeView

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