The College gives high priority to maintenance of discipline in the College campus.
The following rules have been framed in this regards:

  • Great emphasis is laid on discipline and character building and students are expected to a high standard of discipline and decorum.
  • Students must abide by the rules and regulations as prescribed by the College authority.
  • Violation of rules, irregular attendance, irregular clearance of college fees, showing disrespect to the teachers and staff members of the College in any form, adoption of unfair means during examination, delinquent behavior in the College campus may invite disciplinary actions like termination of scholarship, forced transfer and even expulsion from the college.
  • All forms of ragging in the college campus are strictly prohibited. Strong disciplinary action will be taken against it if one is found to be involved directly or indirectly in ragging.
  • Students are expected to maintain cleanliness in the campus and not to damage any college property. Any such damage will invite monetary fine or/and disciplinary action.
  • Any notice desired to be pasted or circulated by the students on the notice board or anywhere in the college shall require prior permission of the college authority.
  • All powers of maintenance of discipline are vested with the Head of the institution and his/her decision shall be final in all such matters.
  • Students with attendance of less than 75% of the classes held will not be eligible to appear in any examination.
  • Use of Mobile Phone is strictly prohibited inside the college class room.