Our vision is in developing dynamic community of lifelong learners and leaders by understanding the aspirations, potential and capabilities of students from this locality. The institution visualizes in empowerment of students with knowledge and skills imbibed with strong values and virtue to take challenges in a changing and global society.


  • The institution desires to promote learning by the students and faculty to achieve excellence in education.
  • The institution encourages and participates in efforts directed towards study of current issues relating to improvement in quality of students.
  • The institution intends to build a competitive academic infrastructure to cope with the modern day world.
  • The educational community encourages and assists in improvement, effectiveness and excellence of the institution.
  • The institution believes that no talent in this region should be allowed to go to waste and this college is a platform for sharing of ideas and pooling of knowledge resources.


  • To achieve academic excellence keeping track with the syllabus and curriculum given by University with additional efforts from the college for enriching the curriculum.
  • To mould the students as good citizens by inculcating social values, industriousness, brotherhood, sincerity and respect to elders.
  • To keep the students away from outwardly economic disparities; by following an uniform dress code for the students
  • To impart education to the socially backward classes like ST, SC, OBC & Minorities including the rural poor.
  • To encourage the students to involve themselves in co-curricular activities for multidimensional approach.
  • To equip the graduates from science and arts with skill and knowledge to face the changing market scenario.
  • To guide the students to develop communication skills, competitiveness, self study and to help students to assess their own capacity.
  • To grow ecological awareness among the students to make them realize the need of a healthy environment and conservation
  • To create a sense of mutual respect among various religious communities.
  • The mission, vision and objectives of the College are conveyed to the students through Prospectus, College Website and induction programme.

Bijni College (Grade B+
Accredited by NAAC)
College Road, Bijni, Assam 783390


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