Department of Assamese

Department of Assamese

Brief History of the Department

On 21st July, 1969 along with the very establishment of Bijni College the Assamese Department also came into being. Initially the department offers Assamese as an MIL and Elective subjects in the 10+2 level. The first person to head of the department was late Birendra Giri Basumatary, who became the Vice-Principal of the college still his demise on 09.04.1994. In 1972 degree courses was introduced in the college and to meet the requirement of the teachers strength Mr. D. N. Medhi was appointed as second person of the department. As a good number of students were interested in the advanced study of Assamese language, literature and culture, the Honours Course (now Major course) was introduced in the year 1981. Presently the department has four Permanent and two part-time faculty members. It is pertinent to mention that a vacant post after the retirement of Mr. D. N. Medhi was converted to History department as per Gauhati Highcourt (Case No. WPC – 5980/ 2006) order and the G.B. resolution (No. 4(c) 4(d) held on 26.01.2012). On the other hand Dr. B. G. Basumatary joined as Principal of Bijni College on 31.01.12 and his post is presently filled up. For the greater interest of our students along with neighboring we introduced P.G. Course  in 2017 under Bodoland University. As per government direction, it was converted to Gauhati University But Again it was Converted to Bodoland University from 2020 as per the direction of Government. The department decides to invite guest lecturers for the P.G. Course for the sake of student’s interest. As the department has separate room with sufficient individual class room in P.G block, there is no separate budget of its own, the department has to face some difficulties to translate its visions in reality. However, with these limitations, there is very sincere effort for the progress and development of the department. With the help of the faculty members, in kinds and coins some developmental works have been done.

Objective :

  1. To provide knowledge of Assamese language and Literature Among the students of higher secondary to degree level.
  2. To introduce the basic concepts about the Indian and world literature among the students
  3.  To Provide knowledge of Sanskrit, computer, translation, comparative literature, research methodology etc. among the students of Degree & P.G level.

Vision :

  1. Departmental library will be arrange with good number of books & it is increased per year.
  2. To be organizing Cultural realted workshop and  UGC sponsored national Seminar .
  3. We will arrange departmental tour for developing the knowledge of our student to visit the various cultural important site.
  4. Our department will arrange departmental field study on “Manuscript” for our departmental students.

Faculty Members :

a) Present Faculties :
b) List of Ex-Faculties :

Result of the department last two years: (For the session 2021-22 and 2022-23) :

Result of U.G  ( Major) :
Result of P.G :

Extra Curricular Activities :

  1. The Department is proud of having a Literary Association under the name “Asomiya Sahitya Chora”.
  2. Educational tour was conducted from time to time by department for the benefit of the student.In the month of November 2003 a tour was arranged to Koch-Behar, a place of historical and cultural importance .
  3. An educational tour was conducted by department to Chandardinga on December, 2012. It is a place on the bank of river Brahmaputra covered by green hill and an Sivmandir is located.
  4. A Fieldtrip was conducted by department to Diparbill on 26-02-2018. It is a beautiful place of nature. It is surrounded by a lake and also famous for various kinds of birds place.
  5. A Fieldstudy was conducted by department to “Ai River” on 24-12-2018. It is a beautiful place on the Bank of Ai Nadi.
  6. Visited ‘Brahmaputra Literary Festivals” at Guwahati with the Departmental Students on 11-02-2019.
  7. An educational tour was conducted by department to Bogamati on 02-02-2021.  It is a place covered by green hill and a river.
  8. One Field work was conducted by Department to Krishna Kanta Handique Library of Gauhati University, Guwahati on “Manuscripts” with the PG 3rd semester students on 29-12-2021.

Seminar :

  1. UGC Sponsored National Seminar at Bijni College on 28th, 29th June, 2013. Topic-“Life and Music of Ganasilpi Bhupen Hazarika”.
  2. UGC Sponsored National Seminar at Bijni College, Bijni on 26th , 27th June, 2015. Topic-“The Life and Works of  Lakshminath Bezbaroa.
  3. One Departmental Seminar was held on 24-05-2019 for PG Students and the topic were “Asomiya Bhasa aru Sahitya” (PG 2nd Sem) & “Adhunik Asomiya Sahitya” (PG 4th Sem). 
  4. One Departmental Seminar on “Asomiya Bhasa-Sahitya Aru Sangskriti” held on 24-03-2021” at Conference Hall, Bijni College.

Seminar :

  1. One National Level Webinar organized by the Department on “Covid-19 & Present Education System” (online) on 11th August, 2020.
  2. One Two-days National Level Webinar organized by the Department on “The Heritage of Assamese Drama and its Evolution” (online) in collaboration with BHB College, Sarupeta on 26th & 27th September, 2020.

Workshop :

  1. National Workshop on Indian Cock Industry And Assamese Puppet Dance, Sponsored  at Bijni College, Bijni 28 June,2015.
  2. One Departmental workshop on “Research Methodology & PPT Presentation” held on 22-03-2021” at Conference Hall, Bijni College.

Departmental Publication :

  1. Prabandha Sourav ( A collection    of Assamese articles )(2003)
  2. Spandan ( Departmental wall  magazine ) (Every Year)
  3. Srijan ( A collection of poems )(2003, 2010)
  4. Anudita Kabita ( Bi-lingual translated collection of poems )
  5. Prabandha Guccha
  6. Kabita- Malita (a collection of poem of PG 1st sem) (2018 & 2019)

Teacher’s Individual Publication :

a) Books :
  1. Late Birendra Giri Basumatary : Bodo Harimuri Mohor Mushri (An outline of Bodo Culture)
  2. Dr. Pramathesh Bayan : Prabandha Guccha
  3. Dr.  Birhash Giri Basumatary : Nilkamal Brahmar Nirbachita Galpa Sankalan ( Selected short-stories of Nilkanta Brahma, translated from Bodo to Assamese )
  4. Dr. Jumi Das : Asomiya Prachin Kabitar Alochana.
  5. Dr. Gobinda Baishya : Koch Rajbongshi Janagosthir Lokobiswas aru Lokachar.
  6. Dr. Pranab Bhagabati : Aakou Natun Prabhat Hobo ( Edited song collection of Late Jayanta Hazarika )
        : Maramar Sparsha ( Novel )
        : Mayla Aachal : Ek Samiksha ( Criticism )
        : Kanmaan Barashire Chip ( Edited song collection of Dipali Barthakur )
        : Kaanoighator Daakowal ( One act play collection)

Departmental Achievements :

University Level :
National Level :

Devajyoti Sarma

M.A, M.Phil, B.Ed

HOD & Assistant Professor

Dr. Jumi Das

M.A., Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Dr. Gobinda Baishya

M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Mrigen Barman

M.A, B.Ed, M.Phil

Assistant Professor

Krishna Das


Assistant Professor

Nabanita Ray

M.A, B.Ed

Assistant Professor

Course offered and seat capacity :

Higher Secondary Arts and Science : 10+2

Major, Minor, SEC, IDC,AEC

P.G Course


Seat Capacity :

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