AQAR for the session 2019-2020

AQAR for the session 2019-2020

Academic CalendarView
Formation of IQAC, Bijni CollegeView
IQAC Meeting Minutes 2018-2019View
Distinctiveness of Bijni CollegeView
Provide the list of funds by Central State GovernmentView
Significant contributions made by IQAC during the current yearView
Plan of action chalked out by the IQAC in the beginning of the Academic year towards Quality Enhancement and the outcome achieved by the end of the Academic yearView
Programme Specific Outcomes and Course Outcomes for the year 2019-20View
Internal Quality Assurance Cell Committee with latest notification.View

Criteria 2

2.3.1E-resources and techniques usedView
2.3.1ICT Tools & resources availableView
2.5.1Number of days from the date of semester-end year- end examination till the declaration of results during the yearView
2.6.1Programme Specific Outcomes and Course Outcomes for the year 2019-20View
2.6.2Pass percentage of studentsView

Criteria 3

3.1.1Research funds sanctioned and received from various agencies, industry and other organisationsView
3.3.4Books and Chapters in edited Volumes Books published, and papers in National International Conference Proceedings per Teacher during the yearView Faculty participation in Seminars Conferences and Symposia during the yearView
3.4.1Number of extension and outreach programmes conducted in collaboration with industry, community and Non- Government OrganisationsView

Criteria 4

4.1.2Budget allocation, excluding salary for infrastructure augmentation during the year 2019-20View
4.2.2Library Services 2019-2020View
4.4.1Expenditure incurred on maintenance of physical facilities and academic support facilities, excluding salary component, during the year 2019-20View
4.42Maintenance of Campus InfrastructureView

Criteria 5

5.2.2Student progression to higher education in percentage during the yearView

Criteria 6

6.3.3No. of teachers attending professional development programmesView
6.5.6Number of Quality Initiatives undertaken during the yearView

Criteria 7

7.2Best Practice I & II.pdfView
7.3Distinctiveness of Bijni CollegeView

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