Dipak Bhattacharyya

Dipak Bhattacharyya

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry

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  1. Session (July 2019- June 2020): 
    • Participated in the Webinar on “Awareness programme on online E-Resources” held on 20th May, 2022, Organised By IQAC, Bijni College in association with ASSAM COLLEGE LIBRARIANS ASSOCIATION (ICT CELL).
  2. Session (July 2020- June 2021): 
    • Participated in the international webinar on the topic “Geospatial Technologies and Emerging Opportunities” organised by the Department of Physics in collaboration with IQAC Bijni College on 13th August,2020.
    • Participated in Webinar titled “Two Days Webinar on Online Teaching Management Tool” organised by Assam Science and Technology University in association with GIMT- Tezpur on 28th & 29th August 2020.
    • Participated in one day international webinar on the topic “It Takes a Village to Remove Arsenic and Fluoride From Drinking Water” organised by the Department of Zoology and IQAC Of Birjhora Mahavidyalaya in association with Zoological Society of Assam on 8th September,2020. 
    • Participated in the National Webinar on “ Covid-19: Its Mode of transmission, Clinical Symptoms and Protection Measures” organised by Environmental Study Centre, in collaboration with IQAC, Jawaharlal Nehru College, Boko and supported by DBT Star Status Scheme  on 10th September, 2020.
    • Participated in National Webinar on DBT Star College Scheme: Its importance for improving Science teaching in Undergraduate Colleges organised by Department of Zoology, Gauhati University, Zoological society of Assam and Nowgong College (Autonomous) on 2nd June,2021.
  3. Session (July 2021- June 2022): 
    • Participated in the National level webinar on “ Challenges For Sustainable  Development : Analytical Perspectives of Environmentally Important Ions” organised by P.G Department of Chemistry in association with IQAC Kokrajhar Govt. College in collaboration with Indian Society of Kolkata on 10th July 2021.
    • Participated in the National level webinar on Environment, Bioremediation and Scientific Mushroom Cultivation organised by College Environment and Climate cell and Eco club, Bijni College and supported by Assam Science Technology Environment Council (ASTEC), department of Science and Technology, Govt of Assam held on 31st July 2021.
    • Participated in the international talk on “Decoding Breast Cancer Challenges-Grassroots Solutions” organised by Department of Zoology, Bijni College, Bijni in collaboration with IQAC Bijni College, Bijni on 26th October 2021.
    • Participated in the National level talk on National Education Policy 2020 in the realm of rural colleges of Assam in connection with National Education day organised by department of education, Bijni College, Bijni in collaboration with IQAC, Bijni College, Bijni and Alumni Association held on 11th November 2021.
    • Presented paper “Research paper writing and its principles” in the international webinar on Research Methodology organised by Research Cell in collaboration with IQAC, Bijni College held on 27th and 28th November 2021.
    • Participated in the International webinar on “Women in 19th and 20th Century” organised by Department of Bengali, Bijni College in collaboration with Department of Bengali, Vidyasagar Metropolitan College, Kolkata held on 22nd and 23rd December, 2021.
    • Presented the paper entitled “The Impact Of Solar Waste Recycling and Its Influence on the Environment and Health Care” in the two-day International Webinar on “Environmental Issues: Risk, Management and Sustainable Development” organised by Bijni College in Collaboration with Aaranyak held on 28th and 29th January 2022.


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Participation in academic conference/Seminars/Webinar/FDP/Workshops

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Patent published on “LAB TABLE WITH PROTECTIVE LAYER USING NANOTECHNOLOGY” in the Patent Office Journal No. 27/2021, dated 02/07/2021.

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