Assistant Professor, Department of Bodo

Personal Profile

2.DesignationAssistant Professor
5.SpecializationLanguage & Literature
6.Date of Entry in the service02-09-2003

Number of career advance course taken

A. Orientation Programmed: 1

Sl. No.Period From                ToName of University Under which takenSubject
101-03-2012 -28-03-2012.North Bengal University.Malty disciplinary

B. Refresher Course: 1

    Sl. No.Period From                ToName of University Under which takenSubject
    126-04-2010 to 16-05-2010Gauhati UniversityBodo language, literature & culture

    C: FDP (Faculty Development Program):2

    Sl. No.Period From                ToName of University Under which takenSubject
    117th Feb-01 March,2020Kokrajhar Girls College in associate with Gauhati UniversityAdvance Research Methodology
    206-July-2020-13 july,2020IIT Guwahaty in associate with Bijni CollegeMentoring pedagogy and teaching for higher education

    7. Research project carried out: –                            NIL

    8. Ongoing Corporate responsibility:

    • Exam duty
      • Invigilation
      • Evaluation
      • Head Examiner
      • Scrutiny
      • Supervising Officer Duty (H.S.L.C. Exams.)
    • Admission duty Invigilator in the TDC Exam of the College.
    • Election duty {BCSU, Assam LA, MP, MCLA (BTC), Panchayat}
    • Convener, Grant Conveyance allowance to girls students.
    • Teacher in charge for literary activities, Games & Sports, Fine Arts, Social Service etc. of BCSU.
    • Member, District Level Admission Committee (H.E.), Chirang District.
    • Three times Jury member, Sahitya Academy e,i Child& Youth award of the Bodo Literature.
    • Asstt. Returning Officer, BCSU Election, 2013.
    • Asstt. Officer in-charge (Confidential), TDC 3th Sem. Exam., 2015.
    • Guide, Students Study Tour, Guwahati, 2012.
    • Exam. Duty, Written Exam. For LDA, Bijni College.
    • Convener, Alumni Association, 1013-14, Bijni College.
    • Member, Medical and Extension Activities Cell, Bijni College.
    • Member of ACTA Chirang Zone, 2015-16.
    • Executive member, ACTA Chirang Zone, 2017-19.
    • Scrutinizer duty of Bodo Language for BTR election ,2020
    • Presiding officer duty of BTR election on 10/12/2020
    • Micro Observer duty for counting of BTR election on 12/12/2020
    • Asstt. General Secretary of ACTA Bijni College Unit.2020-2021
    • Convener of two days national webinar program organized by Bodo dept., Bijni College in associate with Bodo dept., Janata Cpllege on 19th -20th Oct.,2020

    9. Academic Association

    • Guest lecturer, IDOL, KKHSOU Study Centre, Bijni College

    10. Attendance in Conference/Seminars/Workshops/Webinar:

    Name of InstitutionConference DateSeminar DateWorkshop DateWebinar Date
    1.Bijni College3rd Zone, 2011
    2.Conferance   of      Bodo Sahitya Sabha (Udalguri)
    19th to 22nd Feb./2011
    3.Sahitya Academy 3rd and 4th Nov./2012  
    4.Conferance   of      Bodo Sahitya Sabha (Jalpaiguri)21st to 23rd Feb./2012   
    3.GUNEIS, G.U.  9th to 11th March/2013 
    4.Conference   of      Bodo Sahitya Sabha (Tipkai)16th and 17th March/2013   
    5.    Conference of    Bodo Sahitya Sabha (Galaghat)22nd to 24th Feb./2014   
    6.    Conference of    Tribal Sangha (Dibrugarh)21st to 23rd March/2014   
    7.Conference   of      Bodo Sahitya Sabha (Garchuk)14th and 15th Feb./2015   
    8.Bijni College  25th June/2015 
    9.Zone–D, ACTA, KOkrajhar, Bongaigaon, Chirang (Bijni College)  17th October, 2015   
    10. ACTA Chirang Zonal Conference, Janata College,Serfanguri.11th Feb.,2019   
    11. Workshop on Computer &Engineering. Bijni College.  19th Feb.2019 
    12. Conference of BDTA in the Kokrajhar Govt. College.24th oct.2019   
    13. National workshop on assembly &Hands-on training of Fold scope. Bijni college.  14th sept.2018 
    14. National level workshop on hands on training on assembling fold scope for identification of microorganism. Bijni college  26th April,2019 
    15.International webinar organized by physics dept.Bijni college   13th Augt.2020
    16. International webinar organized by CIT, Kokrajhar.   7th Augt. 2020
    17. National webinar and panel discussion organized by Bodo Sahitya Sabha.     26 july,2020
    18. National seminar organized by Assamese dept.Bijni College.   11th Augst,2020

    12. Paper presentation

    Date & placeName of Paper Presented
    State level Seminar on 6th and 7th November/2011 (Salbari College)Nilkamal Brahmani Sungdo solo,mwnse nwjwr.
    State level Seminar on 3rd and 4th November/2012 (Janata College)Modernism in Bodo Poetry; an analysis.
    National Seminar on 10th November/2012 (Bengtol College)(jointly)The Cultural Amalgamation of Tribal Societies of Assam as the Consequences of Modern with Special reference to the Bodos.
    National Seminar on 28th and 29th June/2013 (Bijni College)Dr. Bhupen Hazorika and politics.
    National Seminar on 18th and 19th October/2014 (Khwirabari College)Historical Drama: An analysis.
    International Seminar on 4th to 6th February/2015 (Gossaigaon College)(jointly)ABWWF : Towards Women Empowerment
    National seminar on 8th and 29th March/2015 (Bijni College)(jointly)Use of Bamboo in the Bodo Society
    National seminar on 26th and 27th September/2015 (Gyanpeeth Degree College, Nikashi)Romantic Khontai Arw Beni Akhutaiphwr(romantic Poem and its characteristics).
    31st Oct. and 1st November/2015 (Kokrajhar Girls College.Gudi foraisalini Boroni forai Bijab.Mwnse song dannai.
    National seminar held on 28th-29 May, 2015, Bodoland University.The study of literature from Literary view point
    Symposium held on 7th March, 2016.Bijni College.Decline of the Tribal Culture and Its Future
    Organized by Bodo Sahitya Sabha & Sahitya Akademy on 20th -21th Augst,2016,Gosaigaon B.Ed CollegeBode social Scenario in the novels of Chittaranjan Muchahary.
    National Seminar organized by BDTA & Sahitya Akademy on 4th-5th Nov.2017Picture of Modern Trend in Bodo Novels
    National Seminar organized by BDTA & Sahitya Akademy on 1st Oct.,2018Khaspurni Hangma: A Historical Overview
    National seminar organized by BDTA in collaboration with Dept. of Folklore Research, G.U on 28th -29th Sept.,2019Literary creation of Manaranjan Lahary(Manaranjan Laharyni Thunlai Swrji)

    13. Articles published

    YearName of the bookVolume/megazinePage No.Name of the ArticlesISBN /ISSN No.
    2011Alarymagazine85Golai mwnder rao. 
    2011SwrjiVOl-Iv1o1Angni Aiya bigraiyary nongya(Story) 
    2011BidintaSouvenir19Jou arw boro hari: mwnse nwjwr. 
    2012Khonsainai RaithaiVol-II161Literary Criticism and its types. 
    2012FwrwnglaiVol-VIII42.Brokani Khontaiyao Boro hary.ISSN No. 2278-8085
    2012JanajatiVol –II21Mung Gwbang Borophwr. 
    2014FwrwnglaiVol-X53Alongbar Mugayao nujanai boro Khonaiphwr.ISSN No. 2278-8085
    2014AlaryMegazine70Boroni Phwrbiphwr. 
    2014Mugani SakhiMegazine105Boroni jangkrithai arw beni eyun nwjwr 
    2014SwrjiVol-X95Dwimalu arw bini sao: Mwnse nwjwr. 
    2015Baghduwarni Thandai.Vol- Xl111Raonwbw dakhinta(poem 
    2015FwrwnglaiVol-XI41Boro Romantic Khonthai arw beni akhuthai.ISSN No.2278- 8085
    2016Impact JournalVol.IV103Bodo social organizationsISSN(P)2347- 4564
    2020An International Open Access JournalVol.VI,Issue VI The economic Transition of the BodosISSN:2349- 5162

    14. Name of Publication

    A. Text Book (Other than course book): 02

    Publication YearName of the BooksISBN NO.Publishers
    2012JanajatiMouth piece Vol – IIBijni District Tribal Sangha
    2014Khonsainai Raithai (Prose Collection)ISBN 978-93-83576- 26-5Onsumwi Library, Kokrajhar

    15. Service Rendered:

      • Member, Tribal Youth League, Bijni District.
      • Chief Editor, Souvenir Sub-Committee, R/C, 48th Annual Conference, ABSU, Bijni.
      • Convener, Introduction of Bodo Language in H.S. Course Sub-Committee, odo Sahitya Sabha.
      • Member, Bodo Writers Academy.
      • Vice-President, Bodo Deptt. Teachers Association.
      • Editor, Souvenir, Philip Choudhury Inter District Football Tournament, Bijni, 2012.
      • Convener, Accommodation Sub-Committee, Inter College Football Tournament, Bijni College, 2015.
      • Member, Article Selection Board, Bodo Publication Board, Bodo Sahitya Sabha, 2011.
      • Member, Exam. Conduct Committee, TET, 2012.
      • Radio Talk in AIR, Guwahati(Delivered lecture on Educational Awareness Program, Moral Education in different schools under Bijni area and Bijni District Bodo Sahitya Sabha programs)
      •   Chief Editor, Naodari Sikhla Souvenir,Joy kr. Brahmani jiu arw santhou, Bijni   Duwarni Rounia,Rungsari Mwinasry Basumatary(Gwswkhang Laishi) 2019.
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